Alex began her journey with biomechanics and foot alignment 18 years ago when she started working in Snow + Rock in Chertsey, Surrey. She started off selling ski boots but soon her interest evolved to become much more multi discipline, with running and cycling becoming part of her field of interest, alongside skiing. Alex believes biomechanics are applicable whether you are cycling a long sportive or out for a gentle ride with the family. Whatever you are doing you deserve to be comfortable and getting the most from your feet!
It’s important to recognise that everyone will benefit from a well-made insole, the products are specific to the person, the activity and the shoes or boots it is going to be used in.

What do they do?

  • Footbeds, or Orthotics, make you more comfortable and reduce pain!
  • They make shoes (of any kind) and ski boots fit better
  • They aid recovery after injury and help prevent injury
  • They stabilise movement and make you stronger!
  • They can transform those “flat feet”
  • They help manage painful conditions like Plantar Fasciitis

What do they cost?

  • Ski footbed, including consultation and fitting, start from £140.
  • Custom Orthotics, including consultation and fitting, start from £180.
  • A stand-alone consultation is £40 (this is useful for shoe or ski boot advice).

What do you need to bring?

When you come for your footbed appointment bring yourself and your shoes. Some footbeds can go in various shoes, but for some specific footwear its better to have another pair.

What activites can these be used in?

Footbeds can be applied in all shoe types and for all activites. For example skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ice skating, roller skating, running, golf, formal shoes, in fact anything that is a shoe, a footbed can be made. They can even be made for high heels!